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Change is Good.

Since launching the agency over 5 years ago, we’ve changed a little.
From a team of two to a wide range of talent.
From our first client to a roster of great brands.
From our first press release to award-winning creative work.

We’ve always believed in Purposeful communications and we always will. Purpose is not optional, and with that as a foundation, we shift our focus to something more.

2020 came, and the world saw seismic change.

From that change, we witnessed how brave work could create more meaningful opportunity. For us, our clients, and for the world.

Recognising the constant change around us and our role in helping clients navigate it, we too have opted for change - from Mc&T to Here Be Dragons. A new name and a new brand focus.

Here Be Dragons was used to indicate uncharted parts of old maps where ‘danger’ was perceived to lie. We feel it has renewed context in navigating cultural landscapes today - identifying the opportunity, mitigating the risk.

We exist to navigate the uncharted. To help brands discover brave new lands.